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The Christian Ichthys Symbol: Legit Marketing Strategy?

I saw something hanging from my door today.  I’m already annoyed when I see people leave junk at my door.  I can’t stand door-to-door marketing to begin with.  However, when I saw the ad hanging there I just laughed at the reminder of how boldly advertising your small business as a Christian business is apparently an esteemed marketing tool where I live.  It’s extremely common to see the little fish on the advertising.  It’s like marketing gold here!    Who needs the Better Business Bureau backing you when advertise that you’re cool with JC?
I laugh about this, but the thought behind it annoys me.  Somehow advertising that you are religious has become synonymous with words like integrity and trustworthiness.  Forget about the numerous examples of lapses in both trustworthiness and integrity of not only religious people, but their leaders.  Putting a Ichthys symbol on your advertising tells me nothing about you other than the fact that you are a Christian and that you somehow believe letting everyone know this will help your business.  I still don’t know how trustworthy you are, how much integrity you have, or how good you are at home remodeling.
I wish society could stop with the condescending undertones of religious people thinking they live much more ethical lives than the rest of us.  I know this is a bit of free advertising for Mr. Hall, but I don’t mind.  He may be a decent guy trying to make a living.  His advertising technique just annoys me.  He may not like that fact that I post this and talk about it in this way, but he’s the one littering at my doorstep.  I thought of calling him to ask him why he uses the Ichthys symbol for marketing, but it’s probably not worth it.


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