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Not Ashamed?

While shopping at Hobby Lobby I ran across this notebook on one of the aisles (minus the comments at the bottom that I added).  This is a particular phrase in Christianity that has inspired people to boldly proclaim their faith.  It comes from the book of Romans in the New Testament which says “I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile.”

For those that follow my page/blog, my comments may have sounded out of character.  I typically try not to be antagonistic, but for some reason seeing this really irritated me.  I try to have a fair amount of tolerance for people of faith, since I was there not too long ago.  I try to have some empathy and remember that years of believing a certain way is not easily shaken.  However, I recently did an unofficial poll of some Christians by asking them to tell me what exactly was the “Gospel” or “Good News” in their words.  All of the answers revolved around Jesus dying for our sins so that as long as we followed him, we would be saved and not suffer eternally in hell.  It sounds nice to Christians.  It sounds like an awfully nice thing for someone to die for you and to save you from hell… But wait just a minute… why are we destined for hell again?  Oh yes, that’s right… because we’re born into sin and are worthless without God.  So with this message, salvation is basically to save us from God’s wrath.  The earthly equivalent would be a dictator taking over our country and saying, “Good news!  If you follow me, worship me, do everything I tell you, and be my servant, then I won’t send you off to be tortured for all of your life.”  Aside from the fact that this is more gracious (since it’s not eternal torment), no one would see this as good news.

This “Gospel” just happens to be very offensive to me.  It is only good news for 20% of the world population AT BEST.  It is terrible news for the rest of us.  I mean I like the part about doing unto others as you would have them do to you, the loving one another, etc… but this part is too much for me.  So yes, I do think you should be ashamed if you believe this way.  I know that many people may have variations of belief within Christian doctrine, but this commonly accepted definition of the Gospel is what I reference in the comments above.  When I wear my empathy hat and try to remember what it was like, I remember it was years of me thinking, “That can’t be right!”  Even when I was a Christian I was pretty ashamed if the “Gospel” (as it is commonly understood) was correct.  It was one of the key factors that led to my departure.

So sorry if my post seemed more antagonistic than usual.  There are just certain things about the faith that I get frustrated about more than others.  The “Gospel” is one of those things I find ridiculous.


One comment on “Not Ashamed?

  1. Darren Cohen
    June 7, 2012

    The founder and owner of the Hobby Lobby is an evangelist christian and there have been reports of employees being unwilling to serve atheists. http://dark-christian.clanxanadu.org/Organizations/HobbyLobby

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