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Church Providing Same-Sex Blessing? Sorry… I’m Not Impressed

Being a formal Episcopalian in Houston I was, at first, happy to see the headline in this article.  There exists an argument among nonbelievers on the merits of liberal faith, but without getting into that more broad topic, I’d like to offer some commentary on this specific stance by the church.  I was disappointed when I read the article and the link to the statements by the diocese.  They can put a pretty dress on discrimination if they want, but in their official statements, they still treat homosexuals as second-class citizens.  I’m not impressed any longer.  I understand the ramifications of full support and how it could be damaging to their congregation attendance, but this brings me right back to my disdain for religion.

I understand the mental turmoil that must face the Bishop, but I can’t get excited about someone committing to vote against the proposal and mentioning that he will not personally bless any of these unions.  I also don’t like their stance that they will allow gay clergy… but not “priests in charge”.  It just frustrates me… either support homosexuals or don’t.  What I don’t like is the dishonest approach of giving the appearance of welcoming homosexuals, yet still holding them as second-class citizens.  I’m disappointed but not surprised.


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