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Godless FAQs: If There Is No God, How Did We Get Here?

We’re often faced with the question of creation which leads into arguments about evolution and the cosmos.  Most of the people having these arguments are entirely unqualified to be doing so (including myself).  I think one common thought is that there had to be a God who created us.  If that’s the case, it’s simple to just ask who created God.  Even if one thinks we were “designed” I don’t know why that necessarily speaks to a being rather than nature or something else.  In other words, the design argument is pretty broad.  I once heard Christopher Hitchens respond to this by explaining that even if you’re argument is that we were somehow designed (like a Deist belief perhaps), you still have all your work cut out for you to say that this God was Yahweh and that he had a son who was born of a virgin and that he is the only redemption available to us because of his redemptive work on the cross.  You can really put any religion in the blank.  The idea is that just having the thought that we appear to have been designed doesn’t naturally lead to the idea that any of our religions are correct.

Although science has made significant strides in answering these questions on the human species through studies on evolution, there’s still a lot of mystery around how everything started.  Science is quick to admit that they don’t have the complete answer to this question, but we know enough about the world to know that religions are not even close to our best explanation of these subjects.  So the truth is, no one fully knows the origins of the universe, but that shouldn’t mean that religion is automatically correct.  There’s no reason that religion should be the default answer to this unless proven otherwise.  It’s a terribly illogical thing to suggest that we have myth passed down through generations and that it must be true unless science can prove it’s not.  You can’t just make claims on no evidence and expect everyone to believe them.

NOTE:  This post is part of a series of posts that were introduced in this blog.  The idea is to offer short summaries of responses to some of the more typical questions that come up when someone finds out that I’m a non-believer.  These are not intended for scholarly debate, but rather to offer responses in an attempt to help people understand those of us who choose a “godless” life.


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