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Addressing the Godless FAQs

As my fellow non-believers can attest to, we frequently get the same questions from people about atheism. The questions come in varying tones and in different venues, but they’re often the same or very similar. In an effort to address responses to the regular questions that come up I’ve decided to start a new blog series on Godless FAQs. I’ll be addressing questions like “What is your morality based on?”, “What if you’re wrong?”, etc.  This will be an ongoing project and will not be comprehensive in either the list of topics or the responses. The responses will be attempts to offer brief summaries that address these questions. I’ll try to use references to other sources that address these issues like books, other articles, etc. The goal isn’t to win a debate, but to offer a brief, non-offensive answer to these questions to help people understand our godless way of life.  One of the reasons I write is to help people understand “Godless Living” and I’m trying not to be terribly divisive. I want people to better understand where we are coming from.

Here’s how this will work. I’ll continue to update this blog post with links (below) that offer responses to these questions.  I’ll also categorize these as “Godless FAQs” in WordPress so you should be able to filter by that category. I’ll update this with new links as I address more questions in future posts.

One other thing I would like to get from my readers is a list of those regular questions that come up that you would like to see responses to. Feel free to offer your take on the questions and I may use some of that in my repsonse. You can send those questions either in the comments below or on my Facebook Page in the comments on this post (where some of you found this link). I’ll do my best to address the questions.

Links to FAQs

Without God, What About Morality?

If There Is No God, How Did We Get Here? 

What If You’re Wrong?

Isn’t Atheism a Hopeless Existence?

Why Can’t You Keep Your Atheism To Yourself?

(More links coming soon)


4 comments on “Addressing the Godless FAQs

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